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Ser­vice conseil

Ser­vice conseil

Ser­vice conseil Pour avoir accès au réseau d’experts d’HabitatDurable, un seul numéro de téléphone : 021 652 88 77 (du lundi à ven­dredi 8h30 – 11h30) ou par cour­riel: En fonc­tion de votre ques­tion (juri­dique, légale ou tech­nique concer­nant le bâti­ment...


Fiches-conseils Moi­sis­sures, élec­tro­mo­bi­lité, construc­tion, finan­ce­ment ou aspects juri­diques… HabitatDurable répond à toutes les ques­tions qui inté­ressent et concernent les pro­prié­taires de logements. En tant que membre d’HabitatDurable, vous pou­vez accé­der gra­tui­te­ment...


  • Karte Strom­land­schaft: myNewEnergy
  • Mold Fun­gus And Rust Gro­wing In Tile Joints In Damp Poorly Ven­ti­la­ted Bathroom With High Humi­dity, Wtness, Mois­ture And Damp­ness Pro­blem In Bath Areas And Shower: Iuliia Mikhalitskaia/iStock
  • Close Up Sur­face Of A House Roof Cove­red With Solar Panels In Win­ter With Snow On Top. Energy Effi­ciency And Main­te­nance Concept.: Bilanol/iStock
  • Bird Flying Above Modern Office Building: PeterPolcz-iStock
  • Young Man Ope­ning Door: Andrey Popov - iStock
  • Woman Han­ging A Lamp In New Home Pro­perty Ser­vices. New Home.: valentinrussanov-iStock
  • Spraying A Bloo­ming Fruit Tree Against Pests: Zbynek Pospisil/iStock
  • Bed­ding­ton Zero Energy Deve­lop­ment (Bed­ZED): Tom Chance-wikimedia
  • Asian Woman Bored And Annoyed Cove­ring Her Ears Wor­king Over­time At Home. WFH. Work From Home For Avoid The Coro­na­vi­rus COVID 19 Concept.: champja_iStock
  • Wood House Model And Saving Account Book Or Finan­cial Sta­te­ment On Desk Table: sureeporn_iStock
  • Woman Loo­king At Hard­wood Floor Through Magni­fying Glass: AndreyPopov_iStock
  • Deli­very Men Unloa­ding Boxes On Street: AndreyPopov/iStock
  • Com­pu­ter On The Table At Office: AnnaStills_iStock
  • Heavy Labor: RichVintage/iStock
  • Seba­sol Chauf­face Solaire: Sebasol
  • With House Model And Stack Of Coins On Desk: Photobuay/iStock
  • 01 IStock 461225197 Bey­ha­nya­zar IStock: beyhanyazar/iStock
  • Family Moving Into New Building: Predrag Vuckovic/iStock
  • Gar­bage Bag Trash Waste: Picsfive/iStock
  • Sun­flo­wer And Solar Panel Of Elec­tric Power Sta­tion As Sym­bol For Rene­wable Energy: filmfoto/iStock
  • Haus: Corinne Aeberhard
  • Nichoirs Mar­ti­nets: Lucie Huot
  • 20180811_151209: Andreas Käsermann
  • Abeilles Sau­vages Ch Fau­co­gney (1): Ch. Faucogney
  • Radia­tion expo­sure and elec­tro smog: Animaflora/iStock
  • 01 Bis13092019 IMG 6592: Alienor Llona Bonnard
  • Real estate deve­lo­per and mana­ging pro­perty invest­ment concept. Selec­tive focus woo­den houses with ques­tion mark on table: marchmeena29/iStock